Psiphon Pro 258 APK Free Download (Official Latest Version)

If you know a thing or two about the Psiphon APK, then you already know what the Psiphon Pro app could do. It will basically give you unprecedented access to the internet. That means total freedom to access any website anywhere in the world regardless of any restriction or blockage applied. That alone is a very good reason to download Psiphon Pro APK on your smartphone right now.


The Psiphon Pro is the professional version of the Psiphon app and the Psiphon Handler APK application. It does mainly the same thing but you can remove the ads if you pay for $9 and some other added features to the list of an already great app.

Now, if you are one of those people who is just learning about the Psiphon app, then this is the place to discover what this most-talked-about app can do. There is also a PC version of this app. Download Psiphon 3 for your PC if you are interested. So if you want to know more, stay with us and learn how you can benefit from this Android app when you download Psiphon Pro APK.

Download Psiphon Pro APK

VersionPsiphon Pro v258
File Size20.52MB
RequirementAndroid 2.3 and Up
DeveloperPsiphon Inc.

What is Psiphon Pro?

The Psiphon Pro is a VPN that enables its users to access websites that are restricted from your country or location. It uses a sophisticated modern version of VPN where the user’s device IP address is masked in order to prevent being identified by external online entities.

The Psiphon Pro can make your browsing activity safer than just having a firewall and anti-phishing software. This also allows the user to use a VPN while connected on a public Wi-Fi network. It creates a whole new identity through a tunnel between you and the internet.

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Psiphon Pro Stats

Psiphon Pro Features

To understand more about the Psiphon Pro, we have provided all its capabilities in this article. You will need to know these features as they will come in handy for you when you start using this VPN app. And if you want to maximize its full potential you better stick around and read some more. Here are the complete features of the Psiphon Pro.

No need to register.

You do not need any registration form to fill up. Just open this app and browse away to your heart’s content. Isn’t that cool. Most people take a step back anytime the personal details affair comes up! Relax, because it’s not about to.

Download Psiphon Pro APK

Global Network

  • It uses global access points as its native network, therefore your presence could be anywhere but in your exact location. It basically means that when someone tries to locate your exact whereabouts, they will see your presence in other countries. And no matter how much they try to locate you, they will just be directed to another country and so on.

Better than VPN

  • While technically Psiphon is a type of VPN, it does more than that. It uses a sophisticated type of virtual online tunneling that makes it more advanced than just an ordinary VPN.
  • You can monitor your data usage inside the app in just a tap. This is best for users that are in fixed data plans. So if you have a limited amount of data at your disposal, it is best that you are well aware of how much internet traffic your device is consuming at the moment.

Personalized Configuration

  • If you want to use your own settings of VPN, you may do so inside the Psiphon Pro app. Just fiddle with the proxy configuration area and customize your internet connection.


  • Open-source means it is free to use. Need I say more? You will not be required to pay anywhere or register. Log in and get comfortable.

Take Control

  • If you have other apps that you do not want to include in your VPN connection, you may exclude them as well. Nice and neat, right?

Maximize your usage

  • If you want more than just the 2MB per second internet speed, you may upgrade to access unlimited bandwidth by paying a couple of bucks. They have daily, monthly, and yearly plans to give you more than the 2MB/s internet speed.
  • Plus, the subscription fee will remove the ads that are popping up on the side or bottom of the screen. It’s also a way to help support the hard work that the Psiphon developers are putting into the app.

So you think this Psiphon pro app is your much-awaited VPN app? What are your thoughts regarding its services?

If you have something to say about the Psiphon Pro app, feel free to put it in the comment section below. We would love to know what you think about this app.

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