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A lot of people want Psiphon app on their smartphone and PC devices. But not all devices are supported yet. So sometimes you have to make some arrangements to get the Psiphon app to work. For example, you can download Psiphon app for Mac by using the BlueStacks emulator. And now, we will teach you how to download Psiphon app for Ubuntu.


The truth is that there is not yet an official Psiphon app for Ubuntu. But that does not mean that we cannot make a workaround to make Psiphon work for Ubuntu. There is a way and it is going to be an easy way.

Download Psiphon app for Ubuntu

Since there is no official Psiphon app for Ubuntu, we will teach you a way to make this possible. As we have researched the internet for some better ways to download Psiphon app for Ubuntu, we found that all attempts are either failed or not working at all.

Psiphon for Ubuntu Workaround

If you really want Psiphon to work for you, there is a workaround on this. It’s like what they say, ”If there’s a will, then there is a way.” So here is the most effective way to run Psiphon and make it work on your Ubuntu.

  1. Install the Psiphon APK app on your Android device. You could get it on Play Store or you can download it from this alternate link.
  2. Open the Psiphon app and set it to Tunnel Whole Device. Then before minimizing the app, make sure that it has established connectivity already.
  3. Now you must install the SSHDroid APK. You can get it from Play Store or you can get it from this alternate link.
  4. Open the SSHDroid and change the default port number from 22 to any number such as 5555 and up.
  5. Now forward the traffic from your Ubuntu Linux to your Android device using this code on the Ubuntu terminal: ssh -D 8000 -fCqN username@address -p 5555 (The username@address should be the one provided by SSHDroid with the default password admin.)
  6. Now on your Ubuntu, go to System Settings > Network > Network Proxy. Select Manual and type in the Socks Host field. On the port, type 8000.
  7. That setting will forward traffic to your Android device. Thus, you are technically using Psiphon to work on your online activities.

Wine for Ubuntu

Now there is a Windows OS emulator if you really want to download Psiphon app for Ubuntu. And this method will involve the use of Wine. Well, technically, Wine is not an actual emulator. It is an open-source compatibility layer to make Windows software run on a Linux-based operating system such as Ubuntu.

And with further research, we found that Wine cannot fully run Psiphon 3 on Ubuntu. It is buggy and the network cannot properly connect to the outside Psiphon servers. There are even complains most of the time that it only shows a white screen. And when we tried it on our Ubuntu Machine, the Psiphon app ran but it did not connect.

That means the Psiphon software does not work on Wine. So we crossed out that method as one of the options.

Psiphon App Alternatives

As much as we want Psiphon to handle all our online activities, the sad part is that it is not yet universally compatible with all platforms. Only Windows, Android, and iOS are currently supported and works well for all users.

But we have to acknowledge the fact that online privacy and safety is a necessity. It is most important especially when the device you are using is the same device for your personal and financial tasks. Therefore, it has to be cloaked and protected whenever you connect on through the internet. So we finally listed some of the most reliable and most positively reviewed VPN tools for Ubuntu.

  1. Tor browser
  2. I2P Anonymous network
  3. Private Internet Access
  4. CyberGhost
  5. HideMyAss (HMA)
  6. AirVPN
  7. ExpressVPN
  8. Buffered VPN
  9. OpenVPN
  10. HideIPVPN

Note that some of them are not freeware so choose one that will best suit your needs. These are just some of the most popular and most reliable VPN tools for Ubuntu. So if you know more, kindly share it in the comment section so more people could enjoy safe and private online activities.

If you want to see the list of best Psiphon alternatives for major operating systems, we also have that. Just click on the link provided.

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