10 Best Psiphon Alternatives To Bypass Internet Restrictions

Not all people can use the Psiphon APK, the Psiphon Handler APK, or the Psiphon 3 software to their devices. This applies to Apple’s Mac users. The platform does not have any way of installing the Psiphon app to the Mac. And so they have to make do with the alternatives available for them. And that is what this article is all about. We will provide you with some best Psiphon alternatives so you may also enjoy the freedom of browsing the internet without restrictions.


This list will tell of the best Psiphon alternatives for those who are not able to install the application on their devices. And also, this is for those people who are not satisfied with Psiphon Pro APK services. Let’s admit it, the Psiphon app, while great and in its own league, is not in any way perfect. It has some flaws and not everyone is satisfied with what it offers.

On that note, there are also some applications that can do what Psiphon cannot. So, you understand why the need to look for the best Psiphon alternatives exists. Check out the list now.

10 Best Psiphon Alternatives



TunnelBear is also a VPN solution that is popular with users on the majority of known platforms. It offers the same freedom as what Psiphon Handler APK can deliver. The TunnelBear advantage is that it has support for Apple’s Mac and can be installed on Google Chrome as an extension.

The TunnelBear has one downside though. When compared to Psiphon 3, it has a lower data limit. For free users, they only get 500MB of internet data per month. So if you really have to use TunnelBear’s free version, you must choose your instances carefully.

We all know how 500MB can do. If you are a video streamer, that will only be a brief experience. That is unless you are talking about 3GP formats, then you got plenty of video streaming to do.

Tor and Tor Browser


This is another open-sourced application from the good people involved in the Tor Project. The application is available for all major popular operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

The Tor application has two main entities. One is a VPN tool to create a VPN tunnel in a system-wide manner. The other one is the Tot browser which makes all your browsing activities inside the browser anonymous.

Since the Tor application is a freeware tool, it is not as great for typical users. It has some learning curves before you can actually maximize its full potential. And while Tor is keeping your online identity private, it does not prevent ISPs and websites from determining that they are being accessed by a Tor application or browser. The Tor application is only best for those who have advanced IT knowledge or at least know some VPN technicalities.

HotSpot Shield

HotSpot Shield

The HotSpot Shield is also a good VPN tool but it is not totally free. It has some free features with limited capabilities. One notable limitation is that the free version can only grant you one country per session. If it only shows you are in America, you have to make do with just being in America. Unless the next time you boot up, it gives you a different country.

But once you pay for the premium version, you can browse to your heart’s content with ease. Your browsing activity is safe and no one can eavesdrop on whatever you’re doing online.

The HotSpot Shield is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and BSD. So if you are using one or two of those platforms, you may want to consider this app as an alternative.

Freenet Application

No more reason to fear the internet censorship with the Freenet software. Yes, this one is as free as the Psiphon APK Android app. It’s just sad that it does not have an Android version yet. But hopefully, it will happen in the near future.

Freenet is only available for Windows OS, Mac OS, GNU/Linux, and POSIX. But if you are currently a user of one of these operating systems, then I urge you to try the Freenet software. For Windows users, it is straightforward. Once installed, it will download all the required components that it needs to work. Do not worry, as far as risk goes, Freenet is considered safe to use.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a commercial app. That means you will have to pay for some amount of money to use its services. But here is the catch, it is considered as one of the best there is in the internet privacy business. It sticks to its promise of a safe online presence. No one can track you neither can anyone monitor you. Not even them.

Private Internet Access VPN

All the action happens in real-time. And with the use of their sophisticated algorithm, they prevent external parties from snooping into your browsing activities, computer, or whatever personal data you throw out into the open internet.

You can use up to five devices simultaneously online with unlimited data at your disposal. It is easy to set up, and easy to use as well. So, all you have to do once you are paid is sit back and browse away.

With Private Internet Access, you are as safe as a mouse inside a cage. But unlike the mouse inside the cage, you get to roam around the World Wide Web unrestricted and unstoppable. Just do not do anything illegal as that would be unethical.



The ProtonVPN is another great alternative for the Psiphon app. It is supported on multiple platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and even selected Linux-based operating system.

While this is one of the most secured VPN on the internet and one of the best Psiphon alternatives, it is a bit pricey for normal and typical users who just want to enjoy anonymity online. But that does not mean that most of us cannot enjoy the ProtonVPN experience. You still can download and use their free version with limited capabilities. The free version can only provide anonymity to one device, three countries, and at a capped data speed.

But if you are a business establishment that puts their online security at top priority then ProtonVPN is the best deal for you. It not only uses extra layers of privacy to protect your online identity, but their services are also well-encrypted from outside threats.

You should know that ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland. Therefore, your accounts are protected and bound by the laws under the Swiss government. And their hardware facilities are all placed underground. So any physical attack from outside entities will not work.

If you do not mind the price tag and you prioritize your online security and integrity then you cannot go wrong with the ProtonVPN.


UltraSurf is a product of UltraReach Internet Corporation. It was once featured in WIRED magazine as a tool to express free-speech on the internet. A lot of you might object that the UltraSurf should not be included in the best Psiphon alternatives list. So let us tell you why.


UltraSurf is a free VPN that is supported mainly by Android and Windows only. If you are a Mac OS user, you can enjoy UltraSurf only through Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers with the use of plug-ins. Sadly, the iOS does not support UltraSurf as of today so no iPhone and iPad can actually enjoy its services.

UltraSurf has garnered lots of phrases from critics as millions still use this software. Unfortunately, some recent issues have made UltraSurf unpopular to most of its users. There have been reports of crashes and disconnection while using the app. Although the UltraSurf website has already released a statement about the said issue, it still does not fix anything with their services yet.

This issue is due to UltraSurf’s lack of sufficient funding. But the company promised that the software experience will improve in the near future. But until then, if you are a loyal user of UltraSurf, you can stick around and make do at what the software is capable of. After all, they are still one of the most trusted VPN services in the face of the internet.

CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost vpn

CyberGhost VPN is popular with a lot of users because of its user-friendly interface. Everything a user will need is a tap or two away. That means even if you do not know much about the software or the VPN itself, you will easily glide through its simplicity.

Using the CyberGhost VPN, you have the option to choose which server you want. The control is in your hands. So be sure to get anything you want online.

This VPN is available for Windows OS, iOS, Ubuntu, Android, and other Linux-based platforms. So if you are using devices on different platforms, you will have an easy time transitioning from one to the other.

ZPN Connect
ZPN Connecti

The ZPN Connect has expanded from just available for Windows OS to be available to all major operating systems. Yes, the ZPN software is now available for Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Linux. And this means that the ZPN Connect deserves to be in the best Psiphon alternatives to date.

The ZPN Connect is a VPN solution for those who are already familiar with using a VPN and know how it works. That means this is not for a newbie user. But if you are an advanced user, this is a solid choice for anonymous online activities.


Windscribe VPN

Here is another gem that you should try out as your next VPN tool or as a replacement for the best Psiphon alternatives. The Windscribe may not be a beast when it comes to features but it has all the basic necessities that a typical VPN tool should have. Plus, if you are a free user, this VPN tool gives a generous 10GB data cap.

You read it right, Windscribe offers 10GB data cap for every month that you use it. That is 20% bigger than most VPN tools that offers free and premium subscription. So if you are just online for some research and typical browsing then 10GB should be enough for you. But if you are a big media downloader, you should avail upgrade to the premium version. Or try other VPN tools that can offer you a bigger data cap.

Keep in mind that you will be able to get the 10GB monthly data cap if you register with your email. If you do not want to give out your email then you can still use Windscribe but with only 2GB monthly data cap.

Final Thoughts…

VPN tools are good for a specific reason. But if your intention is on the other side of being innocent then I guess it’s your choice. But be reminded that doing illegal things have their repercussions. There are laws and in one way or the other, you will have to answer to what you are going to do.

So did you find the VPN tool that is right for you? Do you think that it’s a good alternative for Psiphon APK?  Tell us why you think your chosen VPN is a good choice in the comment section below.

If you know other best Psiphon alternatives that are not included in this list, feel free to tell us about it in the comment section as well.

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